On The Road deel 2
  • On The Road deel 2
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On The Road deel 2


 1. Kiss me once, kiss me twice  Roland Konings
 2. Sunlight-moonlight-starlight  Henny Weymans
 3. Blue brown eyed lady  Andy
 4. Rave one  The Black Devils
 5. Take a letter maria  Roland Konings
 6. A love worth waiting for  Rocky Taylor
 7. You're the reason why  Hans Van Aalst
 8. That's amore  Fashion
 9. Hey joe  De Tamara's
 10. Little darling  The Pleasure Band
 11. Picture of you  Mart
 12. I promised myself  Fashion
 13. Hello josephine  The Black Devils
 14. Nobody knows  Rocky Taylor
 15. First taste of love  Roland Konings

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