On the road deel 4
  • On the road deel 4
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On the road deel 4


 1. You don't know what you've got  Simon
 2. Bury my heart  Henny Weymans
 3. Heart is right  Dixie Aces
 4. Come on rosie  Major Dundee Band & Dick Van Altena
 5. 18 yellow roses  Bobby Prins
 6. Move it  The Locomotions
 7. Tonight is allright for love  Jack Jersey
 8. Bob to me  That's It & Roland Konings
 9. Wooden heart  Simon
 10. High time we went  The Walkers
 11. Sweet rocking angel  Rocky Taylor
 12. Sweet susannah  Lafayette
 13. Only a fool  Bobby Prins
 14. Drinking my baby goodbye  Roland Konings
 15. Quarter master stores  De Tamara's

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