On the road deel 6
  • On the road deel 6
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On the road deel 6


 1. Who did you call darling  Dixie Aces
 2. It doesn't matter anymore  Pleasure
 3. Sign of the times  Roland Konings & That's It
 4. Brown eyed girl  Roller Coasters
 5. No more running around  Dixie Aces
 6. Jump up again  Ed Beerens
 7. Lady of Spain  Johnny Tyrone
 8. Pretend  The Black Devils
 9. From a Jack to a King  Danny Fabry
 10. Sway  Roland Konings
 11. Carmelita  Dixie Aces
 12. Nights in white satin  Roller Coasters
 13. Something stupid  Roland Konings
 14. I'm calling  Andy
 15. Cry to me  Fashion

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