On the road deel 8
  • On the road deel 8
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On the road deel 8


 1. Route 66  Rocking Jojo and his Red Angels
 2. Jealouse Fool  Bobby Prins
 3. Achy Breaky Heart  Hans Van Aalst
 4. Suspecious Minds  Jack Jersey
 5. One Night  Dixie Aces
 6. Tennesse Waltz  Highway
 7. Follow you to Paradise  Mike Melvin
 8. The Girls is too Young  Roland Koningsband
 9. Fats Domino Medley  Danny Fabry
 10. Papa was a Poor Man  Jack Jersey
 11. Shakin' Overdose  Burt Blanca
 12. Set Me Free  Hans Van Aalst
 13. Thank God for the Radio  Dixie Aces
 14. This Strange Effect  Dave Berry
 15. Queen of the Hop  The Black Devils

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